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Introducing Non-emergency Medical Transport NEMT

Non-emergency Medical Transportation

South Bend Taxi now offer a growing NEMT (Non-emergency Medical Transportation) service for medical clients needing transport within the City of South Bend and Michiana medical facilities to City of Chicago hospitals. We shuttle medical clients via rapid and safe ground transportation to the Beacon Health System of Memorial Hospital, Elkhart General Hospital, IU Health System in Goshen and LaPorte, St. Joseph Regional Med Center, the South Bend Orthopedics Facilities, and Rush Hospitals in Chicago. The medical transport service rendered by South Bend Taxi is clean and nonsmoking, available 24/7. Medical clients, their case managers and insurers are honored by our observance of their confidentiality of private information. To learn more visit NEMT

What Success Means to South Bend Taxi Cab Services

Success can be interpreted subjectively depending on peoples various backgrounds, culture, environment, and beliefs. Personally, our team at South Bend Taxi define success as the ability to have liberty and afford a sustainable standard of living, with enough for yourself, family, and a portion to give to those in need. Success for our business means becoming one of the top ranked and reviewed and best rated go to airport shuttle, city cab, and luxury car service for the City of South Bend and South Bend to Chicago commuters. Success for this business means being able to provide reliable transportation especially to those urgent airport or medical destinations. Success means giving back to our community in support to local charities and nonprofit organizations. In the near future, we look forward to opportunities to grow our business through online channels, improve its social media audience reach, and grow exposure through word of mouth and localized taxicab services or taxi near me advertising within the Michiana region. We are grateful and appreciate you choosing South Bend Taxi Airport Shuttle and City Cab as your primary means of transportation within our region.

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